Seasonal Lawn Care

Lawn Care Tips for May

Autumn is the time to prepare your lawn for the cooler months ahead, when growth slows. May’s lawn care tips cover deciduous leaves, soursobs, deadnettle & chickweed control.


Find Sunlight through the Autumn Leaves

Remove deciduous leaves that have fallen onto lawns. They block sunlight from the grass at a time when the number of daylight hours are reducing, preventing the turf chlorophyll factory from producing sugars via photosynthesis.

Soursobs have commenced growing and are quite susceptible to herbicide sprays now. Best results will be obtained by using metsulfuron, but as this is difficult to obtain in small quantities for the home gardener, and the amount of chemical needed to cover 100 square meters is a minute (0.05 of a gram!), we recommend asking us to apply this for you. The bonus is that metsulfuron will also eradicate other broadleaf weeds that are present in your lawn.

Deadnettle and chickweed are two winter annual weeds that continue to thrive in lawns. Deadnettle is an upright plant that produces a characteristic small purple flower. Chickweed is a low-growing weed that forms a dense mat. The leaves are bright green with somewhat woolly leaves and a white flower. These weeds are quite obvious this time of year in thin areas of the lawn.