What Lawn Do You Have?

All varieties of lawn have different needs for mowing, fertilising and care.
See below to find out more about your variety of lawn and how we can help.



Buffalo grass has wide, flat leaves and can be green or blue-green. This grass grows quickly with runners above and below the ground.

Buffalo Grass is good for places with lots of people because it spreads fast and grows thick. It also needs less care than some other kinds of grass and can grow in different types of soil.

Buffalo is fast-growing, but not as vigorous as Kikuyu. If your lawn is Kikuyu, you will need to mow it every week during summer to keep it looking its best. Buffalo on the other hand only needs mowing every 2-3 weeks. Buffalo is also more shade tolerant than Kikuyu.



Couch grass can be easily distinguished from other sorts of grass by its delicate blades in different shades of green.

That is, couch grasses have a fine leaf blade with a rich, dark green colour. They’re also soft to touch and have an incredibly dense growth habit which means they repair quickly but they are also quite invasive.

Couch grasses thrive in full sunlight and are best kept to a height of about 15mm.



Kikuyu has a medium width blade – 4mm-7mm – and is coupled with its distinctive colour: a bright, lively green. 

A key element to kikuyu lawn grass is its speed of growth. It can produce rapid growth and be quite lively, requiring regular lawn mowing and maintenance.

We recommend to mow it every week during summer for a great-looking lawn.  While Buffalo grass is a slower grower and therefore only needs mowing every 2-3 weeks.